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4 Desert Dangers and How to Survive Them

Aceh Today - When the mercury gets high, hikers need to get smart. Survive extreme heat with these tips. From the Grand Canyon to Saguaro National Park,...

Chronology of the Burning of Police Office Bendahara Aceh Tamiang

ACEH TODAY - Police Office Bendahara, Aceh Tamiang Districs, damaged  after being burned by a group of mass, Thusday Oktober, 23 2018. The destruction was...

Tak dapat izin Ulama, konser Slank di Pidie terancam batal

ACEH TODAY – Group musik papan atas tanah air, Slank dipastikan tidak dapat tampil dihadapan Slankers Aceh, karena mereka tidak dapat rekomendasi dari Majelis Permusyawaratan...